Paul Mulholland

Founder - Managing Director

Nalene Herridge

Account Manager

About CLH

Construction Labour Hire was started in 2008 to supply the construction industry.

Who we are

CLH is a RECRUITMENT & TRAINING company for the construction industry specifically Carpentry trade.

What we do

We partner with a variety of construction companies to supply them a higher calibre of construction worker for short & long term placement on their construction projects.

We hire quality people as contractors & provide them progression opportunities and a review programme to monitor and motivate them through their careers.

How do we do what we do

We build relationships with our clients (construction companies both commercial and residential) with the goal to provide them motivated & skilled professionals. The relationship is based on consistent and concise communication, transparency of our business model & longevity of the partnership.

We have a specialised hiring formula to identify key attributes in the individuals we interview. Some of those attributes include but not limited to a positive attitude, willingness & ability to up-skill, self motivation & ability to set & achieve goals. We also include some testing rituals to ensure credibility of their experience & history both professionally & personally.

We have developed a Staff Progression Strategy. This include weekly site visits to discuss progression with the client & contractors. It also includes a regular 8 weekly Staff Review Cycle designed to create self motivation and responsibility of our peoples own progression.

We have a partnership with professional training organisations to ensure we provide the right NZQA accredited training for our contractors.

We also have our own Construction Company, Mulholland Construction which acquires a variety of both Commercial & Residential work that CLH supply to. This allows us to sometimes trial staff and train them on our own projects before we place them with our clients.

We are construction professionals ourselves who are qualified Carpenters, Licensed Building Practitioners, Registered Master Builders & Site Safe members.


CLH is a company who’s focus is PROGRESSION of both our Clients Projects & Our People. With this in mind we can offer Construction Personal who are goal orientated and therefore motivated, enthusiastic and constantly up-skilled.

CLH is a personally owned and operated company which means our professional relationships are personal relationships based on longevity and retention of positive and successful partnerships.

Our systems and procedures are designed to ensure confidence in staff placement procedure, Health & Safety maintenance & clear & concise communication between all relevant parties for transparency and efficiency.

We are all about credibility and integrity and therefore have qualified professionals managing our business & the progression of our people which will return upon you a productive and positive result for your projects.

Looking to join our team?

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