Labour Hire Services

Our Standard

CLH is made up of full time and casual staff who are attracted by the employment packages we offer.

Staff members are sourced on an specific criteria – only the best are offered placements. CLH retains only those workers with high work ethics and quality standards.

Our recruitment is conducted by Trade Qualified Carpenters with a wealth of experience in both commercial and residential construction. They use this experience to access job requirements on site and match this with the worker, or team of workers, with the right skill sets, attitude and ability to get the job completed.

All CLH staff members are reference checked and undergo a full police vetting process.

Our Services & Billing System

CLH Operation Manager calls at every active site on the first working day of the week to assess progress and collect time sheets signed by the site manager. Companies may elect to provide purchase order numbers so that invoices can be matched against individual job sites.

Every purchase order is processed as a separate invoice by the CLH billing system. Weekly invoices are collated with the purchase orders and then sent out with the monthly statement.

Payment of the monthly invoice is required in full by the 20th of the following month.

Our Aim

As specialists in Construction Labour Hire, CLH is a team comprised of the best quality construction staff in the industry.

CLH recruits and retains the calibre of staff construction companies find the hardest to source. They can be placed on sites to fill key positions as required.